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What We Do

While in college I was looking for fun, part-time work. Taking a chance, I interviewed at Dorian Photography Studio in Seattle. Working at the studio was really fun, I was taught practical lighting for portraits and products under the tough scrutiny of the head photographer, and the studio manager was a master in sales and customer service.  Within a few years, I set out on my own


I specialize in creative content, the images used for digital marketing, and website updates, including drone photography and video. My experience in photography is fairly broad, including marine & yacht, aviation & travel, corporate culture, food and restaurants, destination weddings, and high school seniors. I'm grateful each time I'm hired. I will always strive to create images that reflect the spirit of the person or the business I'm working for. If you have stories you'd like to tell through imagery, I'd love to chat with you.


What makes me happy?  I love to travel.  I love to hear what people are working on.  I love to share ideas and collaborate on creative projects. I have a big family and more than one dog.  We live in Kenmore,  WA. FAA Certified Drone Pilot. Drone Photograpy.  Photos by Sara.  Photosbysara.  Sara Satterlee.  Creative Content.  Drone Video.  

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