What's Your Story?


My story


While in college I was looking for fun, part-time work. Taking a chance, I interviewed at Dorian Photography Studio in Seattle. Working at Dorian was really fun, I was taught practical lighting for portrait and product under the tough scrutiny of the head photographer and the studio manager was a master at sales and customer service.  The summer after college graduation I took what I had learned from the studio and started my own wedding & portrait photography business. Over the years I've expanded to include commercial and product photography. I've always had fun keeping up with the changing technology and pop culture trends.  Throughout the years, I've continued to promise my clients that when I'm hired, I will always strive to create images that reflect the spirit of the person or the business I'm working for. It's an honor to document a wedding, photograph a new baby or to create the images that represent your business.

What about social media?  I typically don't post photos I'm hired to take. It's your family or your business and I'm working for you. If you wish to tag me or credit the photo, that's fantastic.  You can find me @saraadamskisatterlee on FB and @whimsychef on insta.


What makes me happy?  I love to travel.  I love to hear what people are working on.  I love to share ideas and contribute creativity.  I have two gorgeous kids, one handsome husband and the best dog ever.  I live in Kenmore,  WA.​


Thank you so much for your consideration.  I'm looking forward to hearing your story.